Trussville wants the Bullets...            


It's been 29 years since the first Bullets team made its debut, and 24 years since the Bullets returned to their founding point and began serving The Irondale community by providing a quality youth sports program. Now, the Bullets SC will no longer be a part of the landscape in Irondale. Soccer in Irondale has gone from 2 clubs (Irondale Soccer Assoc. & Bullets SC) with 2 facilities (Grantswood & JPK) to 1 club (BSC) and 1 facility to 1 club with no facility. This is the 2nd time in 10 years that a city facility has been forfeited to the Jefferson County Board of Education, and this time, the City made no attempt to provide another facility. For 20 years, in a number of ways, the various administrations of The City of Irondale has demonstrated that providing Parks & Recreation for the residents of Irondale is not a a part of their agenda.

Trussville Soccer (TUSC), on the other hand, has reached out to Bullets Soccer. We've been working with them and are encouraging Bullets players and coaches to continue their soccer experience there. The City of Trussville is a community that invests considerable amounts of money and manpower in the families and children who reside there, and those of us who live nearby can recieve from that benefit.

Thanks for the memories! - the management

                    It's a shame to have it come to a stop,
                            but way to go out on top!!
                    The Bullets sweep Fall 2017 of the
           Central Alabama Independent Soccer League.

U6 Black - 1st
U8 Silver - 1st       U8 Black - 2nd
U10 Silver - 1st    
U12-Silver - 1st     U12 Black - 2nd
U14 - 1st
Adult Black - 1st