On the back stretch! 3 weeks of season, then the Goal Cup!              


Upcoming Dates:
Goal Cup Tournament - May 15-23
End of the Season Party - Thursday, May 25

"Player of the Month"

One player from each
team who is recognized
for excelling in the
following areas:

 1. Practice attendance
 2. Work ethic
 3. Overall attitude
 4. Player skills
 5. Team leadership
 6. Sportsmanship

S17 POM-1.jpgS17 POM-2-2.jpg

                                 Rixon Knowling                                           Jarvis Roller

S17 POM-3.JPGS17 POM-4.jpg
                     Luis Quezada                                        Gabriel Wells              Luis Jurado


Spring 2017 Lineup
Bullets SC DIRECTORS and MANAGERS - Spring 2017
COACHING - Mark McElroy CONCESSIONS - Rhonda Deaton
REGISTRATION - Julie McElroy FIELDS - Mark McElroy
 U6-S  Henry Oseguera / Edmund Ashdown  U12-B  Dung Huynh / Armando Castre
 U6-B  Edmund Ashdown /  U12-S  Alberto Leon / Tethia Mbana
 U6-R  Armando Castre / Martin Castre U14  Mitchell McElroy
 U8-S  Jordan McElroy / PJ Miranda / Colby Hooper Adults  
 U8-B  Dung Huynh / Alberto Leon Black   Alex Colvin
U10   Vaughn Barclay / Brandon Ford    Silver   Edmund Ashdown