Bullets Soccer

PO Box 100993   Irondale, AL 35210     Phone/Fax (205) 951-3103


    Spring '17 begins Thursday, Feb 23rd!        


SPRING 2017 is here!
Registration & practices begin - this Thursday, February 23rd
(registration begins & will continue until the rosters are full or 4/18)
1st Games - Saturday, March 18th
Last games - Sunday, May 14th
Goal Cup Tournament - May 15-23
End Of The Season Party - Thursday, May 25th

Please note practice schedule changes:
Adults will go to once a week - Thurdays at 7:45.
U6s will start at 5:45 rather than 5:30.
U14s move to 7:00. They will end a bit early on Thurdays.

If you are interested in coaching this season, please let us know. We're looking at having another U10s team this Spring and beefing up the U12 coaching.
You can contact us by using the contact tab above or call us at 205-951-3103.


        Bullets Soccer sweeps the league for Fall 2016!
                               1st Place Teams
  U6 Silver / U8 Silver / U10 / U12 Black / U14 / Adult Black
          Congratulations to the CAISL Divisional Winners!


"Player of the Month"

One player from each team who is recognized for excelling in the following areas:
1. Practice attendance
2. Work ethic
3. Overall attitude
4. Player skills
5. Team leadership
6. Sportsmanship


It's awesome and inspiring to have 7 Bullets players coaching this season!
6 of the 7 grew up playing for the Bullets, the other has played adult amateur soccer with the Bullets since Fall of 1999.
5 of the 7 are coaching their kids as Bullets players, the other 2 don't yet have kids.  6 of the 7 are still playing adult soccer with the Bullets "Black" adult team.

Spring 2017 Lineup
Bullets SC DIRECTORS and MANAGERS - Spring 2017
COACHING - Mark McElroy CONCESSIONS - Rhonda Deaton
REGISTRATION - Julie McElroy FIELDS - Mark McElroy
 U6-S  Edmund Ashdown / Henry Oseguera  U12-B  Dung Huynh / Armando Castre
 U6-B  Edmund Ashdown / Armando Castre U12-S  Alberto Leon / Tethia Mbana
 U8-S  Jordan McElroy / PJ Miranda / Colby H U14  Mitchell McElroy / Kevin Victoria
 U8-B  Dung Huynh / Alberto Leon Adults  
 U10-S  Vaughn Barclay / Brandon Ford   Black   Alex Colvin
U10-B     Silver   Edmund Ashdown / Ethan Curry


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