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Spring 2015 is underway!


The fields are soaked, but at least it's 60 degrees, and we need to practice, so the fields are open, practice is on, Tuesday 3/03.
Thursday may be just as wet with temperatures in the 30s, so please make it to practice today, square away the regsitration, and let's get ready to play a week from Saturday!

 - Thanks! - The Management

Here's the current team status:
U6s - closed > waiting list (2 teams still possible)
U8s - 2 roster spots
U10s - 2 roster spots
U12s - 2 roster spots
U15s - several spots.
Adults - the lastest info says that we need to field 2 adult teams this season.
If you want to play, please let us know now either by email or at practice Tuesday.

Note: in the instance where we have 1 or 2 spots and several players sign up at one time, we will give that spot to a player based on the following criteria:
a) returning Bullets player  b) older player  c) playing ability




Fall 2014 Lineup


Bullets SC DIRECTORS and MANAGERS - Spring 2015
CLUB - Mark McElroy CONCESSIONS - Rhonda Deaton
REGISTRATION - Julie McElroy FIELDS - Mark McElroy
COACHING -  Mark McElroy  
U6  Jordan McElroy / Luke Lovelady Adult  
U8 1  Yoshiya Watanabe / Vaughn Barclay SC80 Alex Colvin
U8 2   SC90  /
U10  Tethia Mbana / Patrick Patterson    
U12 Mitchell McElroy / Alex Colvin    
U15  Felipe Victoria /    


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