Bullets Soccer

PO Box 100993   Irondale, AL 35210     Phone/Fax (205) 951-3103


    Fall '16 starts on August 18!       


Registration for Fall '16 will begin at our 1st practice Thurs., Aug. 18th.

FIELDS CLOSED! Seasonal maintenance continuing.

Check out the new logo! (above right on the sign)
It will debut this Fall season.


Congratulations to the CAISL S'16 Divisional Champions!
Bullets U6 Silver - 1st Place
Bullets U8 - 1st Place
Bullets U10 Silver - 1st Place
Bullets U10 Black - 2nd place
Bullets U14 - 1st Place
Bullets SC80 - 1st Place

Congratulations to the CAISL Goal Cup Winners!
Bullets U10 Black - 1st Place
Bullets U10 Silver - 2nd Place
Bullets SC90 - 1st Place
Bullets SC80 - 2nd Place




Fall 2016 Lineup


Bullets SC DIRECTORS and MANAGERS - Fall 2016
CLUB - Mark McElroy CONCESSIONS - Rhonda Deaton
REGISTRATION - Julie McElroy FIELDS - Mark McElroy
COACHING -  Mark McElroy  
 U6-B   /  U14 Mitchell McElroy /
 U6-S   / Adults  
 U8  Jordan McElroy /  SC80   Alex Colvin
 U10S  /  SC90  
 U12B   Armando Castre /    
 U12S   /    



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