After 24 years in partnership with the City of Irondale...            


... all of Bullets' Soccer equipment, except the sign, has been removed from Granstwood Fields to make way for the school expansion. It was a sad day for the several coaches, players, and helpers who worked to get it done. Having no facility to move to or to base operations from, we have suspended the activity of Bullets Soccer.
Thanks to all those parents, players, and coaches who made such wonderful, lasting memories possible!

                    It's a shame to have it come to a stop,
                            but way to go out on top!!
                              Bullets sweep the
           Central Alabama Independent Soccer League!

For the first time, that we can remember,  Bullets teams placed first in every age division of CAISL this season!
U6 Black - 1st
U8 Silver - 1st       U8 Black - 2nd
U10 Silver - 1st    
U12-Silver - 1st     U12 Black - 2nd
U14 - 1st
Adult Black - 1st


Bullets SC "Player of the Month"

Twice each season one player from each team, U8 to U14,
is recognized for excelling in the following areas:
* Practice attendance * Work ethic * Overall attitude
 * Player skills * Team leadership * Sportsmanship

F17POM2-U12B.jpg F17POM2-U12S.jpg F17POM2-U14.jpg
Edwin Martinez
U12 Black
Grayson Ford
U12 Silver

Michal McElroy

                   Chris Acosta     Anthony Oseguera           Tessa Zannis     Jose Ramireez
                      U8 Black               U8 Silver                         U10 Silver            U10 Black



Fall 2017 Lineup
COACHING - Mark McElroy CONCESSIONS - Rhonda Deaton
REGISTRATION - Julie McElroy FIELDS - Mark McElroy
 U6-B  Rey Osorio / U12-S  Brandon Ford / Yoshiya Watanabe
 U6-S   U12-B  Armando Castre / Alberto Leon
 U6-R  Martin Castre / Armando U14  Mitchell McElroy /
 U8-S  Henry Oseguera / Alejandro     Adults
 U8-B  Alberto Leon / PJ Miranda Black   Alex Colvin
 U10-B   Lestley Drake / Gabby Drake Silver   Edmund Ashdown / Rey Osorio
U10-S  Jordan McElroy / Wilber Lopez