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    Spring '17 dates posted        


Grass seed is out! Please stay off the fields!

SPRING 2017 Dates:
Registration & practices begin - Thursday, February 23rd
(registration begins & will continue until the rosters are full or 4/18)
1st Games - Saturday, March 18th
Last games - Sunday, May 14th
Goal Cup Tournament - May 15-23
End Of The Season Party - Thursday, May 25th

Bullets Soccer sweeps the league for Fall 2016!

1st Place: U6 Silver, U8 Silver, U10, U12 Black, U14, & Adult Black

Congratulations to the CAISL Divisional Winners .



"Player of the Month"

One player from each team who is recognized for excelling in the following areas:
1. Practice attendance
2. Work ethic
3. Overall attitude
4. Player skills
5. Team leadership
6. Sportsmanship



It's awesome and inspiring to have 7 Bullets players coaching this season!
6 of the 7 grew up playing for the Bullets, the other has played adult amateur soccer with the Bullets since Fall of 1999.
5 of the 7 are coaching their kids as Bullets players, the other 2 don't yet have kids.  6 of the 7 are still playing adult soccer with the Bullets "Black" adult team.

Fall 2016 Lineup
Bullets SC DIRECTORS and MANAGERS - Fall 2016
CLUB - Mark McElroy CONCESSIONS - Rhonda Deaton
REGISTRATION - Julie McElroy FIELDS - Mark McElroy
COACHING -  Mark McElroy  
 U6-S   Robert Reed / Henry Oseguera  U12-S  Tethia Mbana / Alberto Leon
 U6-B   Robert Reed / Edmund Ashdown U14  Mitchell McElroy / Kevin Victoria
 U8-S  Jordan McElroy / PJ Miranda Adults  
 U8-B  Dung Huynh / Alberto Leon  Black  Alex Colvin
 U10  Vaughn Barclay / Brandon Ford    Sliver  Mark McElroy
 U12-B    Armando Castre / Dung Huynh    


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