Bullets Soccer

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 Lots of away games this weekend - check your schedule     


Most teams play away this weekend. Please check the schedule, allow the drive time, and be there early! Links for directions to facilities are at the bottom of this page on the left





Spring 2015 Lineup


Bullets SC DIRECTORS and MANAGERS - Spring 2015
CLUB - Mark McElroy CONCESSIONS - Rhonda Deaton
REGISTRATION - Julie McElroy FIELDS - Mark McElroy
COACHING -  Mark McElroy  
U6-B  Jordan McElroy / Luke Lovelady Adult  
U6-S  Jordan McElroy / Luke Lovelady SC80  Alex Colvin
U8  Yoshiya Watanabe / Vaughn Barclay SC90  Gary Haynes / Kevin Victoria
U10  Tethia Mbana / Patrick Patterson    
U13-B  Felipe Victoria / Jesse    
U13-S   Mitchell McElroy / Alex Colvin    



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